Beall’s list

Within the predatory publishing movement Jeffrey Beall is probably its most know advocate. Jeffrey Beall is an American librarian and associate professor at the University of Colorado, Denver (pasquale, 2014) and most famous for his blog, scholarly open access. Here he first coined the term “predatory open access publishing” (Deprez & Chen, 2017). 

Beall believes that the fatal flaw of the gold open access model is its build-in conflict of interest. Through the supervision of editors and peer review publishers should only accept and publish manuscripts that adhere to a certain quality standard. The APC model however allows publishers to make money of every single manuscript they accept (Beall, 2013). Bogus publishers make millions this way by abusing the model. 

To warn and make the scientific community aware of these kind of practices Beall published a predatory publisher list on his blog (Beall, 2017). Due to attacks by predatory publishers, like the OMICS publishing group, and complaints by legitimate publishers this list is currently no longer available. A copy of this list can be found on