Nijmegen kleiner Radboud University Nijmegen – Insitut for Science, Innovation and Society (Netherlands) is a special organisational unit of the Faculty of Science.The faculties mission is to analyse, assess and improve the societal embedding of science and technology, through research, education and communication, in close collaboration with the other Institutes of the Faculty of Science.

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University of Tartu (Estonia) is Estonia’s leading centre of research and training. It preserves the culture of the Estonian people and spearheads the country’s reputation in research and provision of higher education. UT belongs to the top 3% of world’s best universities.

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The multidisciplinary Research Group on Law, Science, Technology & Society (LSTS) of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) was created in 2003 as an independent entity within the Faculty of Law & Criminology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. With more than 30 researchers at all levels of experience, LSTS has become a prominent European research institute in the area of technology regulation.

The  Research Group Crime and Society (CRiS) was founded in 2012 and and studies the developments in society focusing on our constructivist, critical, comparative and interdisciplinary approach to crime and crime control as social phenomena.

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Modern society is characterised by rapid technological development. The Oslo Research Group on Responsible Innovation (Norway) aims to contribute to responsible innovation by engaging in research and development projects with clear sustainability and democratic objectives.

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The University of Bonn (Germany) is one of Germany’s top research universities with particular focus on and extensive experience in international research. The university has extensive experience with EU funding and currently participates in numerous EU funded projects.

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The Centre for Ethics in Medicine Bristol (United Kingdom) is an internationally regarded establishment for excellence in teaching and research in health care ethics. Of particular relevance is the Centre’s involvement in national and Europe-wide research networks, meetings and collaborations.

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The Science and Technology in Society Unit (STSTN) – University of Trento (Italy) is an interdisciplinary unit that focuses on historical and sociological studies of science and technology in society and culture. The Unit also coordinates the University of Trento interdisciplinary programme on Science and Technology in Society, designed to develop awareness among researchers (especially younger ones) of issues concerning the relationship between science and society.

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The Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) – Leiden University (Netherlands) is an interdisciplinary institute at Leiden University (Netherlands). Its research staff originates from many fields, varying from psychology, political science, literature studies and information science, to computer science, economics, physics and chemistry. Our researchers study the dynamics of science and its connections to technology and innovation.

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