Partner: University of Bristol


The Centre for Ethics in Medicine Bristol (United Kingdom) is an internationally regarded establishment for excellence in teaching and research in health care ethics. Of particular relevance is the Centre’s involvement in national and Europe-wide research networks, meetings and collaborations.

Project Partner

Prof. Ruud ter Meulen is a social scientist and ethicist and Director/Chair at the Centre for Ethics in Medicine. Prof. Ter Meulen has directed several international projects. He sits on a range of national and international committees in medical ethics and is actively involved in training and consultancy in health care ethics. He is also member of the University Ethics of Research Committee of the University of Bristol.

Project Participant

Dr Zuzana Deans is a Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Ethics in Medicine and has undertaken a series of postdoc research positions to complement this role. She is interested in professionalism (particularly codes of ethics, integrity and conscientious objections), and the respective roles of public discourse and academic bioethics in public policy making. Zuzana is co-lead of the Bristol team working in PRINTEGER, examining specically researchers’ experience of integrity and misconduct in the workplace.

Project Participant Dr Mari-Rose Kennedy is a Research Associate based at the Centre for Ethics in Medicine. She has a background in psychology and social sciences research, and recently completed her PhD which explored ethical aspects of the use of administrative data in epidemiological research. Her research interests include the use of qualitative research methods, relationships in research, research ethics and empirical ethics, specifically how practice can inform ethical deliberation. Mari-Rose is working in PRINTEGER to explore researchers’ experience of integrity and misconduct in practice. She is co-ordinating a series of focus groups across four partner countries to explore these issues.–kennedy/overview.html