OBaS – Research design and mentoring

In this episode we saw Sophie struggling with her research design. Ponter helps her with this design. Both of these aspects, research design and tutorship, are important for scientific integrity.

The first principle in the Code of Conduct is reliability and more precise, reliability in the design and execution of research. Hence, good research design can be considered a matter of scientific integrity. However, this raises a significant issue in the area of scientific integrity. Is incompetence/sloppiness a lack of scientific integrity? Of course, even good researchers make mistakes, but where lies the line between mistakes and severe incompetence or between mistakes and recklessness and sloppiness? 

The second aspect shown in this episode is a form of mentoring. Ponter, a seasoned researcher, shows Sophie how to conduct her research. The role of mentors in promoting scientific integrity is vital. The ALLEA code says the following about mentorship: ”Senior researchers, research leaders and supervisors mentor their team members and offer specific guidance and training to properly develop, design and structure their research activity and to foster a culture of research integrity” (ALLEA, 2017, p. 5).