Dilemma: Sharing data

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I am a junior researcher who has painstakingly hand-collected a large amount of data. My first paper using these data has just been accepted for publication. A senior colleague in my department contacts me to ask for the data. He has an important say in my career development. What do I do?

A: I send the senior colleague the data.
B: I tell the senior colleague that the data are available as soon as the last paper I want to write on the subject has been published. This can easily be one or two years.
C: I tell the senior colleague that I do not want to give him a preferential treatment.
D: I tell the senior colleague that I am willing to send the data on the condition that I will be mentioned as co-author on all publications that use the data.

(We gratefully acknowledge permission to reproduce this dilemma from the “Dilemma Game. Professionalism and Integrity in Research” as developed by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (link to the game) in this tool.)