Dilemma: Invalid data

I am a PhD student and have just started with the analysis of my data. While analysing the data it becomes clear to me that something went wrong during the collection or the entry of the data since some scores are clearly incorrect. The organization that conducted the data entry is considering the possibility that something went wrong while entering the data. I do not have time to collect new data. What do I do?

A: I decide to correct the data myself; it is quite clear how to do this
B: I decide to delete the observations with the incorrect scores and conduct my research with fewer observations than initially intended.
C: I discuss the issue with my supervisor and let him decide what to do.
D: I ask the company to correct the data and to admit in an official letter that they were responsible for the incorrect data entry.

(We gratefully acknowledge permission to reproduce this dilemma from the “Dilemma Game. Professionalism and Integrity in Research” as developed by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (link to the game) in this tool.)