Dilemma: Different results

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As a first author I have recently submitted a paper to a reputable journal in my field. In the paper I use five different statistical methods to test my hypothesis. Three of these methods give significant results, whereas the other two do not. I can clearly explain these differences between the various methods in my paper. The associate editor emails that he only wants to publish the paper if the two methods that do not give significant results are removed from the paper. What action do I take?

A: I agree with the associate editor and remove the two methods.
B: I do not agree and email the associate editor asking him to reconsider.
C: I inform the editor-in-chief about the comments of the associate editor.
D: I cancel the submission and resubmit my paper to another journal.

(We gratefully acknowledge permission to reproduce this dilemma from the “Dilemma Game. Professionalism and Integrity in Research” as developed by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (link to the game) in this tool.)