Documents & Results


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 Info Sheet PRINTEGER  PDF [250 KB]




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 Inventory of key documents  Excel file [89 KB]
 D2.2  Conceptual clarification  PDF [747 KB]
 D2.3  Normative Analysis  PDF [742 KB]
 D2.4  Legal Analysis  PDF [450 KB]
 D2.5  Deviance in Science  PDF [955 KB]
 D2.6  Organisational Responsibility  PDF [533 KB]
 D3.1  Extent and Incidence  PDF [1.1 MB]
 D3.1.2  Final Report on the Incidence of Misconduct  PDF [1.1 MB]
 D3.10   Fair procedures  PDF [0.6 MB]
 D3.2  Report on Media Analysis  PDF [1.1 MB]
 D3.4  Codes and Legislation  PDF [1.2 MB]
 D3.5  Handling publishing misconduct: tools used by publishing houses and editors  PDF [1.1 MB]
 D4.2  Multinational Survey on Research Misconduct and Integrity: workfloor perspective  PDF [1.5 MB]
 D6.6.2  PRINTEGER-Flyer  PDF [400 KB]
 D6.6.3  PRINTEGER-E-Newsletter  PDF [700 KB]


Presentations / Publications

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 PRINTEGER: An Introduction  PDF [250 KB]
 H. Zwart: Integrity challenges in Ian McEwan’s Solar  PDF [480 KB]
 H. Zwart: Tales of Research Misconduct  PDF [480 KB]
 W.Halffman, S. Horbach: Understanding the various meanings of ‘scientific integrity’  PDF [605 KB]
 Deviance in science – Towards a Criminological Understanding  PDF [360KB]
 H.Zwart: Tainted Texts: Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism in Solar and Perlmanns Silence  PDF [1 MB]
 S. Horbach & W. Halffman: The extent and causes of academic text recycling or ‘self-plagiarism’  open access
 Horbach, S., & Halffman, W. (2017). The Ghosts of HeLa: How cell line misidentification contaminates the scientific literature. PLOS One. open access